New behaviors?

Is it easy/possible to create a new dinosaur, make it tamable, and add an option (I am not going to say what that option is in case someone wants to steal my idea) that appears when you hold “e” on the dinosaur that triggers a completely new behavior not in any existing dinosaur? I am kind of new to UE4 the Dev Kit and I could not find any tutorials so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Thecakeisalie007,

It is possible to do those things. Depending on what you want to do, it’s not really very hard, but also not exactly easy - it’s just a lot of pieces since this game/engine is so complex. There are several parts you may have to touch on to do a new action, depending on what it is. There are AI files that control behaviors. If it involves a new movement or sound, you’d need to make new animations or sound files. If it’s a different creature not in the game, it will need to be rigged to the game skeleton. The button will mean editing the UI. If it’s using assets already in the game, it can be easier then bringing in new assets, depending on your skillset. I hope this helps, I’m not intending to be vague or scare you off at all, because I’ve really been enjoying modding this game so far, the complexity lets you do a lot, so it’s worth it.


Are there any good tutorials that would help me in making a new UI option or behavior that you know of? I have no idea what I’m doing.

I don’t know of any for the dev kit specifically that cover that topic, but you could watch some UE4 tutorials, they have helped me. Another option is to irc channel. One of the poeple who comes by is working on a ui overhaul, so might have some tips. But if nothing else, since the kit is ue4 underneath, that’s a good place to start. The online documentation has been rather helpful so far, at

Tutorials may help give you an idea of how to configure UI widgets, how to create UI images etc etc but when it boils down to the Ark Dev Kit, it’s exploring that will help you the most.
If you find something that hasn’t been specified on the forums or you do something that has no tutorials on the web chances are you’re the first person to know how to do it.

I have found the location of the ‘UI’ for tamed/currently being tamed dinos below:

Just simple searches like “UI” can help a lot.

Hope you find what you’re looking for!