New Beginning AI Tutorial

Hi Folks… Keith over at Mindless Pursuits has put together a new series on AI for those just starting out… If you want to get started in AI, give this video (and future ones) a spin.


Cool, nice initiative. love the fact that people link to external ressources in here, so it’s easier to find relevant.

Very nice tutorial!!!
That’s excellent timing as I have to dig into this topic in my current project :slight_smile:
Thanks for the effort :slight_smile:

teak is better at promoting my work than I am! :slight_smile:

(I posted this earlier (see further down in forum) but forgot to mark it as a tutorial. sheepish grin

Thanks, teak!

Welcome… Keep up the great work!


Agreed. I try to post stuff that people may like…especially for people just starting out. When I was just getting into UE4, wow…it was overwhelming. Heck, its STILL overwhelming and these tutorials can get people pointed in the right direction…


Awesome! thank you teak for linking, and Keith for the tutorial!

I shall jump in to this one as well. Thank you for the heads-up and the effort.

Thumbs UP!
Really looking fwd to the continuation of this series.

english subtitles for videos please )=