New Asset says we cannot use all of it for commercial purpose, is this okay?


I am talking about the newly released FPS System:

He says we cannot use some of the models contained in the package for commercial purposes, and they are only for testing. Quote from the package description: “This package contains 2 weapons (SMG & Pistol) with textures (downsized) & animations. Those are for demonstration purposes only & are not to be reused or resold.”

I think this is against the marketplace EULA, no? Can someone from Epic please clarify if this is allowed?

Thank you!

That isn’t allowed, everything included in an asset needs to be allowed to be used for anything. I would contact Epic and notify them about this as it is breaking EULA and submission guide lines.

It is misleading having the screenshots and that package contains animations for those guns if those were not to be used… so the animations would not be of use later, meaning you would be paying for something that you will never use … just my two cents…


I wanted to jump in on this, since it’s concerning my product.

First of all, I wanted to say that this statement passed review, but maybe that reviewer also didn’t know about it. idk.

Secondly, this is a Blueprint and is posted under blueprint, therefore that is what is sold. The weapon and animation are just there, so that you can see right away, what you are getting. It’s just nice of me to include it.

But if this is now 100% true that you are allowed to use it, then I can’t do anything against it and would have to hope that you just respect the artist behind it. The other option would be of course to increase the price…

OP - I’ve forwarded this to some Epic Staff, you should hear back soon.

My understanding is that this is against the EULA and it being allowed through was a slip-up - but it’s up to the seller to read the rules and regulations properly. Part of those regulations are that you’re not allowed to append additional terms and conditions to products you sell through Marketplace, especially if they conflict with the Marketplace T&C’s.

I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way - If a product includes audio files and is listed under the ‘Blueprint’ category, the purchasers are still allowed to use the audio files included. Anything you include in the package needs to adhere to the same guidelines. My advice would be, as a priority, to update the package and remove the assets you don’t want people to use.

If you don’t have permission to distribute the weapon assets, then the only option you have is to remove them from the package or the product will be removed from Marketplace. At the end of the day you’re responsible for the items you put in the package, and obtaining permission to sell another authors content.

If anybody who has downloaded the package up until this point decides they want to use the assets, then I don’t think there’s much that can be done about it now.

wouldnt be the first time, sadly also not the last time. they seem to be on a rather… inaccurate streak of whats being allowed at the moment.

it is in fact against the uela/distribution agreement, especially since you did not give a source of those weapons, its license, and some other eula/distribution agreement.…tion-agreement

It is easy to figure this without any doubt why this is not possible:

simple case: I want to sell a weapon I have modeled, that has subvariations and I want to include the FPS System inside to showcase it.

question: Would the FPS System seller be happy with his asset being given this way? Even with a clause that is forbidden to use as it is just for demonstration?

If the FPS System seller answer for the question is: “NO! I dont want my asset being distributed like that!” then it is plain clear why the EULA is the way it is, just to avoid this situation.

[quote=“gametime414, post:4, topic:106617”]

Secondly, this is a Blueprint and is posted under blueprint, therefore that is what is sold. The weapon and animation are just there, so that you can see right away, what you are getting. It’s just nice of me to include it.

Firstly, did you make those weapons yourself?
Because if you have included someone else’s weapons in your Blueprint and hoping people wouldn’t use them because you said so, you should take it down immediately. Staff would do it if you don’t.

Second, Marketplace rules apply globally as others said and you can’t have your own rules. People who purchased your product can use your weapons for commercial work and that has nothing disrespectful to it.

Third, If you want to demonstrate blueprints functionally it’s always better to spend a little time and create some blockout models. I think if you increase your price you’re only going to reduce your number of sales.

@gametime414 - This is not permitted per our guidelines. Apologies that this was missed during your review. You should have a message from the team asking for changes.

Thank you for clearing this up.

And gametime414, I’m looking forward to your asset once it’s re-released, because it looked very well made.


just to be clear: I created the weapons, textures and animations. So I did not use anybodies work. I think my phrasing was bad - with “the artist” I meant me and artists in general. I hope you understand.

Also, I have gotten an email and it is also being pulled down from the marketplace.

I guess it is unfortunate, that it had to go this way, but now I know better.

I am not sure what I will do at this point. Maybe you have some suggestions for me.

Do you think that asking 70-80$ and keeping it as it is (and of course full permissions) would be feasible?

anyways cheers

The most safe for you still grab all the possible sales out of this:

  1. change the weapons for ones with no details (smothed as much) and textures, just a white material;
  2. suggest in your asset text description how it looks like with your weapons with a video (the same one actually is fine), point where in the marketplace they are;
  3. do not include the animations, otherwise makes no sense without the weapons
  4. at your weapons’ link, do the same, point to the FPS asset and link the video;

Two sepparate assets with a reasonable price is way better for selling, because many people might want them sepparate and fewer together.

@**gametime414 **I think a price of 80 dollars is good, considering a 3-pack animated weapon is 55 dollars. If sale are slow because of pricing, then there is always holiday sale where you can lower your prices.

Right now, it looks like high quality assets in Unreal Marketplace have two pricing. The default price (usually high) is bought by professional developers/game studios. The other price (discounted during holiday sale) is bought by everyone else.

By the way, I like your work. The animations on those guns look really crisp, probably best on the market so far.

You also have the option to use the default UE4 template gun for the blueprint pack, also sell the weapons with their animations as a separate pack and make a video to show how both packs can be integrated to work with each other.

Yeah what Maximum_Dev said, use the standart UE4 template gun and sell the pack without the models and animations. I want to buy a blueprint pack for the blueprints, raising the price because of the included models makes me not want to buy it anymore. For the simple reason that I never know if the style of the models actually fits my project.

I did like the pack with it’s weapons though. It looked well made. Was gonna grab it for future use. Hope it goes up soon again.

@NilsonLima yeah that sounds good.

@kelfire thanks for the nice words. Much appreciated.

@Maximum-Dev I think I will do that or sample weapon mesh. Also are you the same Maximum-Dev from the Crymod forums from way back?

@spacegojira You are right. That makes a lot of sense.

I am, and I don’t wear nanosuit anymore.
Welcome! :smiley:

Do you plan on creating any weapon packs for ue4 marketplace?