New Animation Poses not Being Saved

I have the Rifle animation pack and retargeted it to my character. The arm movements were in the wrong position. So I moved the arm to the correct position, clicked the Key button and saved it. However, when I put the character in a scene or Sequencer and put it in different rifle poses/animations the new poses don’t show up. The new animations aren’t being applied to the character for some reason. When I double click the animation and I’m in the window that allows me to edit the animation, the correct movements are there and saved. How do I correct this problem?

I think I found a solution to this problem in case anyone is interested. I move the characters arm, click Key, click Apply. Export as Animation Data. It asks Export Skeletal Mesh and I click No. The animation has been exported as an FBX file. I then import that animation. Under Mesh - Skeleton, I click the name of the skeleton that I want the animation saved to and this appears to solve the problem.

You can also open an animation, modify the pose, the select Create Asset → Create Animation → Current Pose. It will allow you to save a new animation based on the modified pose directly in the Editor.

@vr_marco You are wrong. This doesn’t create an animation, this creates an image; only one frame! I did it on a modified animation and it saved only a single frame and I lost the previous animation too and now have to remodify it.

A pose is a single frame animation. At least you should familiarize with the terminology.