New Animation not playing in Character Blueprint

Hello, first off i am working under a mod for Ark survival but the devs have quit responding in the ue forums there so I hope somebody knowledgeable here about ue can think of a reason why.

I have copied a fully set up character, it’s behaviour trees/tasks and it’s animation blueprint, animation sequences and montages from the game resources.
It’s animation works according to it’s state and behaviour already.

But based on game logic, I want to trigger a custom animation to start playing from it’s Character blueprint, to play the Howling montage when the player is dead.
I’ve tried everything in the character blueprint from Get Mesh-> Play Animation/ Set Anim Mode, Play Animation Montage, Get Mesh->Get Anim Instance-> Montage Play, Stop current montage/animation then Setting Anim mode to blueprint/asset then Playing animation. But everything I do is ignored and the actor continues to play it’s default idle animation sequence.
The howling montage was originally played in the actor’s attack state, I wish to play it independently on it’s own regardless of state.

Also bear in mind that being a mod, there are restrictions and not everything is disclosed - areas are kept private by the game devs. I am unable to view the animation tree and graph in the animation blueprint, and I cannot modify it but I have been using the retarget feature to retarget to my copies of animation sequences/montages.

Please help shed some light as to guessing why animation playing in blueprint is not working and what steps I can try to fix it?

Hello have you had any luck in figuring out your current issue. I am in a similar boat trying to use fully custom animations for the fpv for a new weapon but other than getting it all in and montaged I am stuck. Perhaps any workarounds or success you have found may aid me in my adventure.