New Animation Editor in UE4 Persona?

So I know several months back now that UE4 added the ability to edit your animations into the engine once they are imported in. I know over a period of time they have added all sorts of abilities like re targeting etc. However I am more interested in the ability to edit the current animation or make a copy and edit from there. Never fails something needs to be tweaked once you put something in there hands etc.

Now looking through documentation and tutorial videos I find nothing about this ability. How to enter this mode and or all the tools we can use to do so. I get it, its a newer feature but is there anything out there that covers all the tools yet and what you can do with them?

We are picking it up as we go so far adding a keyframe and saving it and using the widget tool to do it. But is there more too it, any tips or tricks?

As always thanks in advance.

example say you have some foot skate that you want to get rid of that was missed - is there a lock bone in place feature etc.

There is an oficial unreal twitch that explained all the features with the main animation programmer, I think her Last name is Harper… It was out like 3 months ago

Are you saying she went over it in detail during this twitch stream and explained all the capabilities and went through them?

Or just BTW look at what we added but no real documentation or Tutorials.

I guess I will have to go twitch stream viewing for hours before I find the part in which they go over it??

Hi catalejo think you can link what twitch one it was i have looked at them all and haven’t seen the one you mention to Osias. We are teem mates on the project so wanted to ask cause the one I saw this one dose not explain it what so ever.