New Android GAME ''Color Space''

Hello everyone,

I like to present my first game for mobile, available on play store !!
for the past 5 months I worked with my sister and made this game .
I’m with the background of visual art general 3d artist and motion graphics, and my sister Xhejn with programming background .
This is our first game , an endless match 3 game.
Hope that you like it !!! We would appreciate any feedback !!

Haha nice, really reminds me of these toys

Wow… Nostalgia, I completely forgot about those toys

Develop with Unreal Engine 4 ?

YES We created using unreal engine 4 and blueprints .

hello,Dealman , I play this game when I was little. and after creating the color space reminded me this game too.
at first was not the target to be making a game like the old toy. but maybe is sub consience .
thank you for your comment.