New and overwhelmed.

I’ve been a software developer for over 20 years but I’m new at game development. I ended up building UE4 from the source after repeated failed downloads. I built it with no problem, but now I need some help.

I figured I’d start with something simple, as a learning exercise. I created a new project using the puzzle template. Rather than seeing a grid of 9 squares, as I expected, I see what looks like a 3D view of a room. Running it however, does show the expected grid with the color changing squares.

Why do I see the squares only when I run it? I’m guessing that I’m not doing anything wrong and that my error is in my expectations as to what I should be seeing. Is that so? If so then, if I wanted to edit the grid of squares, how would I do so?

To be honest, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by the editor’s profusion of tools and controls. I don’t even know where to start. I suppose what I’m really looking for is a good tutorial that leads me through building a simple game from scratch. Can anyone recommend one that’s good for a complete newb?


I haven’t tried the above project but i assume it is presented in a 2D plane.

If this is the case maybe you should try changing the camera from perspective to Front. It is below the source control icon in the editor.


Hey drm604,

Due to the nature of the Unreal Engine being a 3d game engine, certain work (Such as level building) can be done within the viewport, or what you call the 3D view of a room. This room is a level and has objects such as walls, floors but also game cameras etc. This is mostly used in games that have 3d environments where a character runs around (shooters, adventure games etc).

As soon as you start the game, depending on what start-mode you selected the viewport will display the actual game-camera and thus give you a different view. The puzzle blocks are generated with a blueprint upon game-start, this is why they are not visible to you initially. The editor’s viewport normally shows the ’ edit ’ mode, which allows you to fly around your games map(s) and edit what you see.

If you want to edit the squares you would have to edit the blueprint that handles the squares.

In any case, each of the examples has a tutorial attached to it that explains how the example is build and how it works. Upon launching the Puzzle Example, in the bottom you will see the Content Browser, in there is a blue icon with a learning cap named ‘Puzzle Overview’ (If you cant find it, its in the folder called ‘PuzzleBP’). Click on the play button in the middle of this icon and it will take you through a short tutorial explaining how the example game is made and how the blocks are generated etc.

Hope this helps!

Let me add that the BEST place to start is the blinking Learning Cap button in the top right corner. It will explain the editor’s panels and such.


If that’s what you want, my post will be the only one you need! I am new to unreal and have been working through game tutorials.

My recommendation, (its what I am doing) is to do these two sets of tutorials. Make the “game” (simple level) in the first link, then watch some of the playlist of 208 videos in the second list. Just skim through them, to see which ones you need.

- YouTube - I completed this tutorial already, and have the “finished” game, which was exciting and game me confidence. The guy doing the tutorials is maybe the best I’ve ever come across (he is also one of the Devs . Very clear and easy to understand and its the only one on this list I can actually vouch for since I have finished it completely. - this is the massive list of 208 tutorials I mentioned earlier.

If you do those two, I think you you will feel quite confident, especially since you have 20 ears of software development! (I have none, and I am feeling pretty confident after a few weeks of aggressive “fiddling around”) However, if you want to do more, I made a larger list of stuff for you do check out. I do suggest simply opening up every one of these in a new tab at once, and then quickly glancing through each to see if there are any you really like!

Good luck man. :cool:

More game tutorials from UE4 Devs:

More from other sources.

null - YouTube - this one is still being made, so if the guy stopped making it, it might be frustrating?[Tutorial] CoD: Zombies Blueprint Tutorial Series - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

The links below here don’t teach you how to make a full game, but rather, they are large playlists of tutorials where each tutorial covers a specific thing you might want to do or learn in UE4. I would say at least most of these are worth book marking until you feel pretty confident in UE4.

This playlist of tutorials by TeslaDev looks like it might come in useful if you want to learn how to do some kind of basic or common action, theres 65 tuts each focusing on a simple thing that is very common in games.

If you want to pay money for some reason you could try udemy:

^-- Luftbauch actually linked me to some of these tutorials when I made a similar thread not long ago, so props to him/her for helping noobs!

Wow thank you :slight_smile:
But we all started as beginners and needed help.

I would extend your list with
There is so much stuff. When you not find what you search for, recheck spelling. Use other precise Keywords.
So much answers there. The Name is program!