New AI tutorials added to the playlist

Hey all.

Posted another couple of AI tutorials to my youtube channel over the weekend.

Playlist for the AI tutorials is here:

The latest videos are the final parts of the “Mob” AI series. I’m going to re-do them once the EQS system gets out of experimental status, so that things are a little less complicated :wink:

Just wanted to share the updates.

Hey zoombapup,

Thanks for posting these up.

Just one small nag: could you please zoom to 1:1 more often in BPs - even watching these videos on a 55" TV I still have trouble distinguishing some of the BPs. :slight_smile:

Else, why wait for EQS to go out of experimental status, let’s just dive right into it? The sooner the better, I say. We’ll be able to give more feedback to Mieszko that way and iron out any bugs early.

Amigo: Yeah, I’ll try and zoom in more often. I did’t want to use the EQS straight away because I want us to be able to make some generators/filters in blueprint and you can’t do that quite yet. I could do it in C++ but that would probably lose a fair chunk of the audience :slight_smile:

I’m going to do a bunch of other tutorials in the meantime though. So its not a huge deal. I guess I’ll ask Mieszko to let me know when he checks in the blueprint access to EQS and then build from source and do some tutorials that way.

I kind of wish Epic had a way of sharing blueprints, because I could just share them at the end of a series, but then I know some people would never work through the tutorials :slight_smile:

I’ve been working through your tutorials recently after a period away and have found them a great help.

Looking forward to the day I can work this all out on my own. But until then your tutorials are a god send.

Thank you very much.