New account ftp troubles

I can connect just fine to UDN, however I cannot authenticate correctly with my ftp account provided to me with the Rocket Beta welcome mail.

I’ve tried several ftp clients.

Can someone possibly give it a look on Epic’s end?

Hi Corey, apologies for the troubles. What kind of error message are you getting? I just tested your FTP login credentials and successfully connected. Just for confirmation, the info below is what I used.

  • Using FileZilla, entered the following text:
  • Host:
  • Username: your FTP username
  • Password: your FTP password
  • Port: [blank]

Can you confirm that you’re using the first set of login credentials? The initial passwords for your UDN and FTP accounts are slightly different. Also, please make sure there are no spaces before/after your login info.

Thank you Leslie. It was just a network issue specific to my local machine that I resolved.