New 3D Android demo with 3 tiers of performance - better device feedback

I have a suggestion- A new Android demo for use in mobile compatibility testing, that could feature full 3D features, comming in 3 versions, one for each performance tier. On the device compatibility list, the devices are tested with Tappy Chicken, and if they run it, that means that their device supports UE 4. However, this doesn’t mean that the devices could perform in 3D.

For example, my Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, which has just a single cored 800 mhz processor, runs Tappy Chicken very well. However,  I doubt that it could ever run 3D demos.

For Galaxy Mini 2 it's an obvious thing but for mid range is not clear. This is way 3 versions of a 3D demo on Google Play could be very useful. People could give a lot more feedback, not just if Tappy Chicken runs or not, but what performance do they get on each demo tier version.

Don’t assume performance! Test test test test test! Unsure if something will run? Test it! Want to make a performance optimization? Test it! We human beings are bad at determining performance via gut instinct, so try things rather than assuming.

The marketplace has Swing Ninja as well, which is a more complex 2D game. Try that. Then try Simple Temple Environment and Strategy Game. (Which is a tower defense game) Both are 3D games meant for mobile, and if you are able to test Tappy Chicken it’s exactly the same process, download demo, compile for your device, run.

A tiered performance demo would be great. But it’s not as simple as three tiers. A full blown settings menu with all the relevant video options available would be great, we could see what options affected performance on which devices, and just in general how to make a menu like that ourselves. I’d like to see one of those for mobile and desktop.

I apologize for the old thread but did you say that the Tower Defense game is meant for mobile? That is good news as I thought it was just for PC and it does not say either way.

Are you sure it is mobile friendly?


Yeah, Strategy Game is mobile-friendly. RE: the tiers, we are using Tappy Chicken for low-end, Strategy Game for mid-range (“Basic Lighting”), and Sun Temple for high-end mobile test cases. I don’t know what the current status is, but the plan is to test and report all three on each device, not just Tappy Chicken.

Michael Noland

Thanks for the information. I would like to use the game as a starting point for a math game that will be really cool. Thanks

this is a good thing, hope it happens sooner rather than later.
in all honesty tappy chicken, or any 2d thing for that matter is pretty much useless for assessing UE4’s performance.
im quite surprised development time was wasted on 2d.

It would be nice if Strategy Game and Sun Temple would be posted on Google Play, so non-subscribers could also benchmark the engine compatibility with their devices.