New 2018 November FREE Assets for Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace!

Hello I’m Brandon a local dev in Cary, NC. This thread post is for discussions and thoughts or opinions about the new release that happened today (technically yesterday since it is just past midnight Nov 2nd while I am typing this up).

If you have not yet seen the assets please watch this YouTube video by Epic Games that fully describes and shows everything, I recommend skipping until around 34 minutes in to see the new assets revealed.

The page that has all the free assets you can download is right here:…ne-marketplace

There’s a catch though, these assets are only available for FREE until the end of November. I recommend if you don’t want to pay for them grab them NOW! Otherwise you may have to pay between $50 to $100+ per download.

I personally believe these are a great addition to the marketplace FREE section ( even though when you go to the marketplace and click onto the FREE tab they are nowhere to be found. The only place to find them is by going to the web page I listed above or Google search. The water assets alone are a great addition including the landscapes which they have two great options!

I would however like to see more options for trees and bushes to add into my vault. Also, I personally am a huge fan of Apocalypse themed games and would great appreciate any Apocalypse style assets they may add in the future. I’ll add it to my wish list for Epic Games.

This is where YOU guys come in though. I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on what you think about the new assets and what you think could be improved or added next time. Let me know the good and the bad, criticism is a good thing and I enjoy everyone’s comments.

Keep on deving on guys!