Never received github invite to unreal source

I’m new to unreal and trying to set up github access so I can get access to a branch of unreal that includes an unpopular plugin. This plugin in Nvidia VRWorks audio path tracing. I need it to generate an ML dataset.

I followed the github access guide precisely, however my invite never arrived. It has been months. I have contacted unreal support, however they only try to forward me to a support page for the unreal engine, which as far as I can determine is essentially innacessible or perhaps does not exist at all for any except enterprise users. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s just really hidden.

Who can fix my invite? I literally just need a github owner to invite my github account which is

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I’m having the same issue. I am using a personal account and the link occurs but @epicgames doesn’t send the invite. I have to resort to untrusted repos for Epic Games Code Repo. Anyone in Epic looking into this?