Never ending package install Android SDK

Newbie here.

I’m using the Android SDK Manager. After each package install completes, I’m presented with yet more packages to install. So far, this has taken 2 days and counting.

Do I need to install everything or can I stop after the first set of installs?

Good question,

It depends on target platform u want to test or release you game for .
so If u want to release ur game as minimum android version required is 5 or lolipop , then u dont need to download all previous SDKs . u have slow internet connection thats the reason, I remember when I did that for first time 3 years ago on 1mbit internet speed, it tooks 3 days something like that while installing everything since I was out of experience .

You need to install target device sdk , java and ndk .
You dont need to download all sdks unless u will have different release for each platform version .

Thanks for the reply. In the end I just stopped clicking the “Install N packages” button. everything seems to be working so far.