Networking with C++ AND Blueprints in one project? Recommendations?

I’m wondering if anybody has had experience networking a multi-player game with a mixture of C++ and Blueprints.

We’re in a position where when we started our main project, none of us had much of a firm grasp of C++ especially for Unreal, and we managed to network a simple game fairly easily through blueprints. Using Blueprint for our major project however wasn’t a possibility (we needed external libraries and custom classes blah blah), so we have a mixture of C++ and Blueprint code in our project. We are now looking at networking the full game (something we should have done from the beginning in fairness - such is life), and I want to know if networking through a mixture of code and blueprints is a bad idea.

I’m kind of leaning towards C++ for everything just because I find it easier to use (but the networking learning curve is much steeper in code), but also because of the ability to get possibly better performance benefits. The game WILL only be running on LAN and never through the internet, but with up to 34 clients and one non-dedicated server.

TL;DR, I want to know if we’re wasting our time trying to network both, and if it would be more beneficial to transition to a C++ only project and ‘network’ things as we go?

I would say it’s really too implementation specific to give a blanket answer to this question. If the networking parts are covering disparate areas, you’re probably fine letting them be separate. For example, if all your player chat is in BP while all the movement is in C++ there’s probably no real harm in them being in diff places. If you have half your movement code in each, it may be really difficult to debug stuff.