Networking turn based game question


I’m prototyping a turn based party game (Something like Mario Party) each client have a turn per round, so only one Client can perform an action at the time, How can I make only one client show an option menu to perform an action while the other clients wait? I assume that the the client turn is decided by the server, but how can I store all the clients and call a function only in one of them from server?

Thanks in advance!

each client it’s a player controller, Each client has a HUD even the listen server but the dedicated does not do you get it or need more help?

via On Join, you get the PlayerController of the joined Client.
Ask if the Function caller has authority (=is server) and store the PlayerController inside an array.
Via multicast you can enable/disable UI, possessions and bindings to the Client at Turn.
after finishing the turn, call the server function to switch ui and bindings again, to the next PC index.

It’s a bit complicated to tell… We are working on a Turn based (advance Wars) like Game, mixed with Realtime elements.