[Networking/Server] Cards Game Server Architecture

I want to create space turn-based card game. I already tried 4 times each times failing on different levels.
Now I want try Unreal Engine and my question is how can I do server side in Unreal?
I already read a bit about it and it seems that Unreal authoritative servers have players limit( and its small number ).
What I need is something like this:

  • There is Lobby to which players can log-in, manage their account and enter matchmaking queue
  • After they are matched new game is started(2-6 players per game)

So for now I have that idea that there is master server that keeps Lobby and after players are matched spawning new authoritative server process and create there game(+ sends to players port where players can connect to game ). If there is already running Auth server process it checks if players limit was not reached yet. If not then he creates another game on that process, otherwise new process is spawned). So basicly there are multiply game instances in single server process(server side is logic only) and then can be many server processes depends on total players number.

Is it good idea to create it that way or Can I do it better?
If its ok then how to handle master server( Is something like this in Unreal? It should handle much more players then standard auth server limit but its only for matchmaking/ editing databse )

What is important to me that solution has to be viable for one developer. I dont want spend my life writing networking library / wrapper : )