Networking Resources?

Hey All,

New to the forums, I looked around a bit but didn’t find what I was looking for specifically. Feel free to point me to a location if this already exists as I could not find it. I have 4 primary objectives.

  1. Send UDP packets where the data is json formatted, but could contain a upwards of (1920 * 1080 * 3 bytes + 100 bytes). Basically streaming screen shots.

  2. Send/Receive TCP packets where data is json formatted. These should be small packets.

  3. Send/Receive UDP packets. Data will be small, also json formatted.

  4. Multi Processing (dedicated cores).

My background is not C++ or Unreal, but I’ve got a project requiring this, so looking for some pointers on getting started with these. The game will be deployed to an Ubuntu 16.04 server. We have some pretty insane hardware, so tips on configure-able hardware usage is also of interest to me. I am not certain the difference between UEC++ and normal C++.

You could think of this as streaming rendered screen shots to a client application and receiving input commands back. The client application can be written in any language, however most will be using Python or C++.

Thanks for any pointers and much appreciated!!!