Networking problems...

Hi everyone,
I’m a beginner with Unreal Engine 4 and I want to create a PvP game, a Bomberman. I followed a whole guide of 2h30 to setup steam multiplayer and it kinda works when i launch it in standalone game (I manage to have my steam name displayed in the game). I made an executable (packaged it in “shipping” mode) but here, my steam name isn’t displayed… I have sth like: pc-43DJD092USJLFJAPDA2VW0UE2…
I know it’s kinda blur but anyone has had the same problem? or a fix?
Or is there another way to setup multiplayer, instead of using steam?
Please help me! ^^
Thank you.

Same issues I’m having as steam doesn’t automatically work with these tutorials when packaging.

Was pointed out to me, there seems to be a different setup needed to include steam In a build.