Networking Issues

The question is, how to set up the clients in a way where we can play together while using two different computers. We have the network BP working on local.

what would be the possible causes of us not being able to connect to each other? Using the Server and Client shortcut methods with IP’s in it, we have not been able to connect to each other.

Hi TheOneWolf,

I know it does reference a bit of code but have you looked at the network sections of the Shooter Game example content?

Also, have you looked at our Blueprint Networking tutorials? Although you may be further along than our networking tutorials go.

Here are another possible resources as well:

If nothing here helps, please post back and let us know.

Thanks, but we have followed those tutorials and guides. We now have 4.4 and are going through the Network_Features map provided in the content examples. I am acting as the server while he tries to connect to me. I’m hosting the Network_Features map while he tries to connect to me. I attached a screenshot of the error. The client was briefly able to connect to the server and thus I was able to see his IP attempting to connect, but was closed almost instantly.

Anyone have anything?

Hi TheOneWolf,

I’m sorry it’s been a few days. Could you also post your dxdiag as well? Below is a link on where to find that info.

We actually managed to get it working correctly. It was a port forwarding issue that was the only thing causing the client to not connect to the server. Once we get more done, we’ll post it up in the WIP forums to hopefully see it on Epic’s Weekly twitch stream :smiley:

Thanks for the help TJ!

You’re welcome, I’m glad you got everything working.

Good luck with your project!