networking issues. client players movement is behaving strangly

so i have been working on this for a while and i cant seem to get this to work. here is a rather low quality gif showing the problem

currently i have a for each loop in the level script that tells all player controllers to move to 0,0,0
however the same behavior applies when i use this code to move.

i just tried having the authoritative player controller set movement for all payers to be that of the servers and i still get this problem. WHY???

Try using a rellicated bool in the tick if the movment is true or false and have mouse press and release call to server to change the bool.

A mouse or button hold going to server will be janky in general your better of setting a yes or no in the server

but the charecter wont move at all if i do that. if i just turn replicated movement on the charecter can’t move. what am i doing wrong??? should i just be able to turn on replicated movement?

Mouse button down → custom event run on client → custom event run on server —> set bmousebutton true


what am i supposed to do with the variable bmousebutton? how do i tell my unit to move?

never mind got it to work in a long conviluted way. i have an AI player controller move for my client player. the client player just says where to move to and the AI retrieves that.