Networking Issue

May somebody please explain what i am doing wrong here?

i tried all 3 replicate modes - what i want to do is: a client sending some information to the server, its transform is just an example.

GetPlayerPawn doesn’t work in multiplayer. If you’re running with dedicated server you must use GetPossessedPawn and then cast to your class optionally

thanks for your reply but the transform of the player is really just an example … another example would be: client sending a string to the server, maybe in a chat-system

oh i think i got it ! … Help says

Server RPCs can only be called by a client who owns the actor executing the event graph. For example, a PlayerPawn is owned by the client who controls it - only that client can send Server RPCs on that pawn.

so i did the example above within the playerpawn and set it to replicate, now the customEvent is called on from client but executed on Server.