Networking in Blueprint

Short question: Is there any way to connect to a remote (non-UE4) server via TCP or something like that in Blueprint?
I know there is a FSocket class in UE4 C++, but is there a Blueprint-only solution as well?

Afaik there is no way to do it in pure Blueprint. Maybe there are plugins which helps you to send TCP packages around. But doing it in C++ is quite easy, you just need to follow this tutorial,Receive_Binary_Data_From_an_IP/Port_Into_UE4,%28Full_Code_Sample%29

Thanks for your reply. I know it’s quite easy in C++, but I am thinking of a Marketplace asset, and unfortunately there is no C++ allowed at the moment in the Marketplace :frowning:

Maybe this is interesting for you:

Awesome, thanks!

im currently working a plugin like this, i hope it will be published very soon.

Well, I have a solution in C++ as well.
I was just hoping that there would be a solution in BP-only :slight_smile:

Yes thats what my plugin is , it will have the source code but the idea is to let developers use pure blueprints.

could I try your plugin first please?

Hi wellbye
i am still in process of publishing my plugin on the marketplace but meanwhile you can see the video of it :

FWIW, in TCP, no, but there is a UDP networking plugin that comes standard with UE4.

Which node,please?I just can not find it.

I can not find the node.Can you give me some tips?

This is the plugin:


However, I checked the source, and it turns out it doesn’t seem to support Blueprints, at least not directly.

Thank you anyway.