Networking Help!

Dunno where to post this but please any admin redirect this post to the correct forum

this is the things i need help with

where do i code everything for the server?
for ex:
open doors
close doors
turn lights on
and stuff that the server needs to handle?

pretty sure its not suppose to be in the player blueprint

where do i do the code for client/player?
in the player blueprint?

where do i use switch has authority?

for ex:

player press a button do i use it after that? how do the server know that the player wants to open the door?

right now all am doing is setting all actors to replicated and basically make the code in etch individual actor,
and that messes up coos all clients runs at different tick rates, so doors are half open for some and some times doors dont even open for sireten players

anybody with experience please explain and if possibly call me on skype

Skype: TomasTero

this is blueprint if anybody wonder

there is a “good” tutorial playlist on the UE4 youtube official channel.

and you shouldn’t use the player to place some server logic, there is a game mode blueprint that you can use.

Client shouldn’t directly manage anything, google for “Run on Server” blueprint

my events dont run doh, i have a event called open door that i’am calling on client using “F”

in my gamemode class i have that event but it does not do anything at all

  1. create an event in your gamemode blueprint, it MUST be set as “Run On Server” and also reliable.

  2. set your door blueprint as replicated

  3. from your player controller get the reference to the gamemode blueprint and call the event that you created in the first step.

btw, I suggest you to use answerhub

remember that the logic must be in the gamemode blueprint and the call must come from within the player controller.