Networking Help

I have been working on a multiple project. And im not sure what i did but for about a week now everything on the client does not seem to work. Things like Animations and other things. So to get a better picture of it for you guys. I play in editor with 2 windows. The server is in the viewport and the client is in a popout window. The server works fine shooting projectiles and everything just fine. But when i go and shoot on the client the server does not see anything happening. Also the server does not see the clients basic animations playing. walking,jump stuff like that. I use the default TPP character. Does anyone know what how to get everything to replicate on the server.?

Does anyone know how to get everything working again.? Right nothing the client does shows up on the server. But everything the server does the client sees.

It worked previously, then you changed something and it stopped working? Did you setup replication?

It worked before i added some UMG stuff but i disabled it and it still does not work.

Ok, I have still not been able to figure this out. But since i cannot explain it to well i made a video of the issue. So in the video i have two clients up. One is running the server and the other is a client connected to the server. The servers animations play just fine and the client sees that. But the clients animations do not do anything. Anyone know why? The one on the left is the client. And the one on the right is the server.

Anyone have any ideas?

This video is private :frowning:

My understanding of replication is that the server has to be the broadcaster of the variables that are being used. If the client wants something replicated it sends the variable via a function to the server. The server then updates the variable and sends it back to all the clients. If you are doing something client side only, but not telling the server via a function call that would explain why it doesn’t work.

What I cant get my head around is that it ever worked…

Sorry i put the video as public now. And the main thing i want to work is the animation. They should be working right when you start a new project but for some reason they are not.

I forgot to mention that i started out with a First Person Project. Then i Migrated the TPP files to the project to give the other players something to see. Could that be the reason why the animations are not playing?

I wish I could help but you seem to be hitting the same issue as me - Animation using a replicated variable - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums. The variables you need are replicated, because you can see the pawn making use of them. The anim system is working, doesn’t seem to be picking up any variables that have been replicated.

Well i’m glad its not just me having this problem. What version are you using. Im using 4.4.3 is it maybe just a bug in this version.?

I’m also on 4.4.3, but the fact that the content examples work makes me think it’s something I’m doing or not doing. With my problem I see the jump and locomotion effects on the client, I just cant get the animation graph to use the replicated version of the variable I’ve added.

Like you I started with the 1st person code base, and then added a third person mesh to my character.

I could not get this fixed and was not really getting any responses to this post. So i just migrated all the files over to a third person template and it all works fine now.