Networking Help Needed

Hey guys!!!

I am trying to turn my third person into a network multiplayer, and am having problems getting my rotation replicated. I got replication ticked, but it only replicates the location not rotation.

Also, I am wanting to test my game on my local xampp server, but I am not sure how to tell the client which IP address the server is at. Am I thinking about this wrong or what?


rotation you need to also tick replicate movement.

the second one you probably need to do it form C++, there is currently no built in node let you talk to a master server or something like that.

I didn’t see a option for replicating rotation. Where would I find this?

What is the current method of allowing a client to find the server? Does this option exist?

should be in the default tab.

and there are no existing method to let clients find server, you need to use ip address to connect, other than that it’s all you can code with c++.

This is what I am getting under Defaults: Paste All -Art, Craft, Design, Drawing & Photography Guide

did your blueprint has a movement component? you have replicate movement on, so you just need to make sure you move while set whatever rotation variable you use on server.(please follow Epic’s tutorials.)