Networking - grabbing, send message, events


I made a prototype for my game and now the goal is to create simple multiplayer. I’ve watched provided tutorials and they were really great, but, anyway, I have some trouble. I quite understand how it works, but I’m still a newbie in practise :D.

  1. Custom event is not firing on the client. In MyCharacter BT I create a LineTrace when LPM is hold - Event Tick -> call “Draw” event, than DrawEvent (Run on Server) do something. This is the setup used in tutorials, but somehow my event doesn’t fire. EventTick calls the event as it should, but then the event doesn’t execute. On the listen it works as it should.

  2. How should I approach grabbing objects? It works for listen server, but it’s as if there were two seperate objects - one player grabs a box and the other can see the box stay on the ground. However, they can collide with the box they don’t see and that replicates. Only grabbing doesn’t.

  3. Any tips for send message, blueprint interface?

Issues both for preview in editor and built games.

Any help to any of those would be much appreciated :).

i have multiplayer chat system here
with some other stuff, i think you can addopt it for 3d widget actors.

Have you marked the actor for replication and movement replication?

I think by default was like this:


That’s for the box?

And for ‘1’, how do you know it is not working? And remember that whatever you do on the server, if is not marked to replicate, it will no replicate on the client. If you want the line to appear on the client, it should run on the client.

Ups, sorry, that was for character BT. But it doesn’t work for the object anyways:


a) when I tick neither “Replicates” nor “Replicate Movement” I have the box visible only in listen server player’s window
b) when I tick only “Replicates” I can see the box in both players’ windows (client and server), but those are two seperate - running into one will cause different ragdoll for both and then I’m able to collide with invisible box
c) tick in “Replicate Movement” do nothing and there are still two boxes

The box is spawned - the function is called by “Set Timer By Function Name”. The function is marked as Run on server. I think I’m still missing something…

I use debug tool and see the flow of execution - the tick flows to the event in blue color and then my custom event in red color doesn’t fire. Normally it does.

It will not appear, but both players can make use of a function marked as “run on server”, right? I saw in Muliplayer shootout mini game from Epic that they use run on server for shooting. So for my line trace (it’s for pushing objects) it should work as well.