Networking GameCenter in Blueprints

“It’s possible to create the gameplay itself in blueprints, but not all of the iOS Game Center features are exposed through blueprints currently. Leaderboards and achievements are, but matchmaking is not, for example.” - Ryan Gerleve, Staff

Can I put my vote in for adding GameCenter networking to blueprints so I don’t have to use my Mac to develop a multi-player game? I absolutely love the idea of developing on a windows machine and compiling on a mac when I’m ready to ship, and this really throws a wrench in that system for all non-single player games.

Networking is also one of those topics that, if not possible in Blueprint, is tricky for those who don’t have an engineering background.

Bumping back to first page for visibility.

Hey Zooch,

Exposing GameCenter networking to blueprints is definitely something we’d like to add, and your vote is noted! There’s a lot going on, though, and only so many of us, so we don’t know when it might be available.

Just joining to the " i also want this" crowd.

Do you , staff guys, have some more actual info about this ?