[Networking] AnyDamage not being called?

Hey guys,
I’m working on an area control game. When a character stands in an area, it is slowly captured. However, if the player stands there too long, they will receive damage until they leave the area.

At least, that’s my goal. Right now I have a strange problem. When the player is standing in the area too long (making the area “overcapped”), a function is called that deals damage to the player with the ApplyDamage node.

The player has an “AnyDamage” node, but it doesn’t fire, while the ApplyDamage node does! Does anyone know why? I’ve attached a few screenshots, if it helps.

To clarify:

  • Apply damage is called from BP of the capture area. I have confirmed it is being fired.
  • AnyDamage is called from the character BP. Nothing is coming out of the AnyDamage node, not even prints before the casting.

Thanks for the help!