Networking a 3D UMG Widget


I have a Actor Blueprint called BP_Keypad, this is its components view:

I am trying to network the Widget component.

Currently it works for the player who is the network authority.

Here is first half of the blueprint: here the server handles the RPC calls, which only happens if the local player is the authority.
Second half: here the client listens for UI buttons being pressed and sends the RPC calls to the server. (It just continues like taht for all numbers from 0 to 9)
And the On Rep Entered Password function:

Why aren’t the RPC calls receive by the server if they are send by a remote player?


Hmm, says it only replicates to the server if it’s the owning client. That BP_Keypad is probably not considered owned by the client. Check the message or output window, probably something getting logged.

There is nothing in the logs.
I tried checking if the player is the owner like this:
It prints true when I play in editor with the Run Dedicated Server option checked: and false if unchecked.

Its all working now after applying some black magic to it.

Basically I needed to send the RPC’s thru the Pawn or Player Controller because I guess I wasn’t the owning client? It was one hell of a headache, could use some streamlining.