networked projectiles

hello community.

i am working on implementing multiplayer to my game right now.
i got players working, but something strange happens with the projectiles.
they do not replicate if the client shoots.
but if the server shoots, it replicates only after it hits a player.

if you need any of the project files tell which do you need.

hrsidkpi, jordan ghelfan.

ok i got it to work.
but now i have another problem. it seems that the projectile does not spawn at the same place for each player.
as the shooter, it looks normal, but from another port of view it seems that the projectiles spawns way in front of the shooter.
that if course create problems like shooting a physics object looks different from each client.

it might just be that you spawn from a location you think where it should be, but not exactly where it is spawned.
you can do a easy check, disable all your movement except firing projectiles.
When spawn your pawn, teleport it to a fixed location, say (500, 500, 500).
then when you try to spawn a projectile, print your starting location in world space and see if it matches local offset in your component mode.
(ie, say you spawn projectile from right hand side of your pawn, if it’s something like (50, 0, 100), then in example above, it should fire from (550, 500, 600) )