Networked player selection highlighting

Not sure if this is the right place for this…

I am working on a networked RTS game and I am trying to add character selection highlighting. I have a decal on the character BP. I set it to be visible once the player is selected and it works fine except all the other players can see the highlighting. How could I limit the highlighting to only effect the local instance of the character?

I should add the players are being spawned on the server possessed by serverAI. Iv’e tried using a custom event “run on owning client” and “not replicated”. Let me know if more info would help.

afaik “not replicated” means only the server sees it, none of the clients. isnt there something like “only owner see” that you can link to the decal???

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it out, seems the decal is a scene component and “set only owner see” is expecting primitive component.

Unless im doing something wrong which is very possible.

EDIT, not widget… the decal.


If I call the custom event using a non replicated ref of the character from the player controller it works. It seems it only works if being triggered from the player controller running on their instance only.

glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: