Networked (casual) Mutiplayer Game in UE4

My request is very simple and the actual game itself that I want built is simple as well I would just like a local multiplayer clone of this game:

Just to get an idea of how long this might take or how difficult it might be I created a non-multiplayer prototype myself and just got stuck when it came to making the game multiplayer ready here are the parameters for the project that I would hire someone to complete:

  • Built for mobile
  • Uses “Virtual Joystick” for movement
  • Uses on-screen ui button for “firing”
  • Multiplayer ready
  • Has on screen HUD with lives count

That’s all that I’m asking for and looking forward to speaking with anyone who is interested in building this! Send me a pm if you’re interested!


Hello, if this position is not taken yet, I would like to join your project. Add me on Discord, my name is GreenMage#8709. :slight_smile: