Network testing across multiple computers


I have been practicing/working on a Blueprint, networked game and currently want to test that it works across multiple computers and not just in the editor but am rather unsure as to how to go about doing that. Currently i have packaged the game and have created 2 shortcuts to the launcher, i have edited the target and added Eclipse?listen -game for the server and -game for the client, however this doesnt seem to do anything. can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation that may help or let me know what I am completely missing?


After a little more looking i have found someone else attempting to do something similar here Networking after Packaging - Blueprint Visual Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums and was facing the same problem

This is brilliant thanks! it seems i was definitely on the right track i just missed the port forwarding step which i had seen mentioned but not in detail and wasn’t sure about. Sadly i cant access my router and do the port forwarding until at least Wednesday but i will update this thread when I gain access. Once again thank you for the help and great explanation!