Network replication issue.

I’m spawning actors into the scene only via the server, if i multicast the spawning to clients there will be duplicates.
However. if i spawn them via the server, i can’t access them via the client for farther unique adjustments far from the transforms that can be set while spawning.
So when i’m using “Get all actor of class” node, i don’t get the actors that was spawned by the server even though i can interact with them in the client side. How can i access them on the client side ?

The operation is going like:
Server -> iterated through array from SaveGame blueprint -Loop Body-> spawn (Actors with UniqueIDInterface ) -> SaveGameFile modifying stuff -Complete-> Go “Event multicast”.

Client -> “Event multicast” ->“Get all actor of class” -Loop body-> "Does implement UniqueIDInterface "? - true -> (SaveGameFile(saved in client side too) -> modifying stuff ).

But the client side doesn’t see the spawned objects from the server’s spawning operation. so it returns an array only with actors that were in the scene before the spawning operation.

It may take some time for your actors to fully replicate. You could try adding a delay node on the client in order to wait for the replication, so that you can see if this is the issue.

Thanks ! That was it ! :smiley: