Network Replication and Idel Animations?

Hey Guys,

Ok, I got NR working on this one project, however since i have moved on to more challenging projects, I have run into a a bit of a conundrum.

Since the Idel Animations are not executed by the players input, how do I get them to show up on the clients?

Do I NR them in the Ani BP?

If so, How do i do that?

I understand how to do it in the BP but the Anim BP is different it seems. Like certain nodes are not available to it as they are in the normal BP’s.

Like for instance, when i “jump” bot the server and all clients see the “jump” on both from either side.

How can I get the idel’s and attack animations to just show up like the “jump” does?


Ok, I’ve made some progress on this by looking at some othe BP’s that use NR.

I am good on this now.