Network relvance of an actor without root component(Actor for a skill)

Hello everyone…

I have an actor which doesn’t have a root component. I mostly like a my skill of my character. It stored some data and has functions for effect on what happens when the skills is used etc.

I don’t need that have a root component. Cause its mostly don’t need its presence in the world except just few variables and functions present in it. However, there are some variables in it which I want to replicate.

But I as far as I know, there are network settings for actors out of a certain area of a given actor not to get replicated. I don’t want to move my this skill actor to location of the original character and replicate movement.

Is there any method so that when if the original character is network relevant to a client, then all its skills could be made network relevant or anything similar?

	bNetUseOwnerRelevancy = true;

I think this is what I am looking for. Can anyone confirm?

Yes, that’s the right flag.