Network relevancy solution

Currently I’m just working on understanding the network relvancy options in Blueprints. I’ve got “Always Relevant” and " Net Cull Distance" working, but now I’m trying to implement “Only Relevant to Owner”. I’m testing this with doors to be able to see them open and close on either the server and/or client(s).

I got the following blueprints (see attachments) to open the door, but when I use “Only Relevant to Owner” I can only see the door open on the Server and not on the client which instigated the opening nor the other client (which should not see anything anyway if everything works correctly :P).

I stripped all of my blueprints from where I tried to get / set the owner of the door, but I’ve tried a lot of things / ways of setting the owner. Can anyone help me point in the right direction? I think I need to set the owner somewhere, but I couldn’t figure out where / how to do it. It might not even be the issue :wink: