Network Relevancy for Players

Hi guys,

I’m aware of the concept of network relevancy and how to implement it for assets in the level:

But I’m curious to know if it’s possible (and if so, how) to set up the players themselves to be network-relevant. My thought is that if you can drop player data off the server when they aren’t near your character, you can connect a much higher number of players to one server.

I’m seeing through the logs that all players get data from all other players, all the time, as a default setting. This means that if there are two players online, it’s doing calculations for 2 on each client and 2 on the server. If three players jump onto a server, it does calculations equal to 9 players.

I’m hoping if we can set up some sort of network relevancy for players, we can only load data for players within a certain range, and keep the bandwidth low.