Network question.

I’m looking to develop a MMO game, a top-down hack and slash similar to Path of Exile, but it would be open world instead of instanced dungeons. How many concurrent players the builtin replication system would allow (syncing animation, position and trivial data like health)?

I’m aiming for 500 players per server, but since it’s a top-down game only ~20 players/NPCs would be visible on screen (on heavy populated areas like cities).

I was told by Epic during the Beta program that the number of potential concurrent replicated actors is basically so big you dont have to worry about it, you’ll hit other limits before you hit replication limits.

At 500 players per server you should be just fine.

Remember actors have a NetCullDistanceSquared that you can adjust to ensure you are not even having to update all 500 players.

Make sure bAlwaysRelevant is set to false

and then adjust this value:

/** Square of the max distance from the client's viewpoint that this actor is relevant and will be replicated. */
UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly, EditDefaultsOnly, Category=Replication)
float NetCullDistanceSquared;   

If you set your settings correctly, thenwith 20 actors being updated per tick you are doing more than great :slight_smile:



I’m curious about this; was it meant as the number of blank/empty replicated actors that weren’t doing much, and thus a measure of how much the overhead of replication can affect a server and the network, or was it in terms of using characters that were actually doing things and therefore taxing the server? That, and whether their comments were about network bandwidth or server load.

I believe that in Unreal 4 you can recreate a game like dota 2 (mobas in general) that has at least 60 actors (10 of them being players) without much trouble on the programming side (I’m talking about basic mechanics, not a finished product).

But I’m very inexperienced with Unreal 4, even though I own it since launch I didn’t do much with it besides reading the documentation and the “Shooter Game” example. So don’t take my word for it. I will be diving in the source soon though.