Network Possess

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Networking EnterVehicle (Posses) with Visible Chartacter


Dont look at this old one down here ^^
It doesnt work

Your switch has authority node is blocking you; remove that from your code

Why this should block me ?
Server_EnterVehicle is (Replicate RunOnServer) Server has autority.

Can ou tell me why this is blocking ?

How about debugging?

Add a debug-print before and after every function call? First to check what is call by whom and when, second to check if the cast failed, if possessed was successful,…, and so on.

if i dont debuged it, i would not ask for help.

on Client side i enter the car. the Player jumps into the Car for some secounds and pop out. (think Server says you arent the Car) or something like this.

For all who want to know how it works.

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