Network Performance with Blueprints

Hi everyone,

this is more of a general question. To Make a game with Blueprints work over Network is quite easy, but how much control is possible via Blueprint ?
In C++ you can define whats sent over network and what is executed on server or Client. For example just synchronize one Variable and let the calculation be done on the clients. Is this level of Control possible in Blueprints ? and if not, does the underlying code optimize the network and server load and how is the overall performance ?

Thanks a lot for any useful information on this !


Quite a bit is possible in bp:

I do recommend reading about gameplayability plugin, which takes care about some part of the networking (it helps and facilitates the work, it won’t do it for you though):

@OptimisticMonkey: Thanks for the link, it absolutely clarifys the structure of the Network.

Also the Unreal Engine Documentation is very extensive -> Networking and Multiplayer | Unreal Engine Documentation

Maybe i was to lazy to search before posting ^^