Network Object Startup order


I was wondering if anyone could help or has met this before. I’ve installed and run through the UE4 Multiplayer Shootout example project and gone through it, and incorporated its networking and multiplayer code into my project, which give or take is kind of working so far, but break-pointing through the code mine acts differently to the shootout example:

In the shootout example: When starting the game from the MainMenuMap, the code runs as first entry point piece of code “MainMenuMap > EventBeginPlay” which then calls “GameInstance > ShowMainMenu”, which then opens and focuses on the MainMenuWidget and waits for user input.

In my project: I’ve copied the shootout MainMenuMap, GameInstance, and menu widgets, but when setting breakpoints at all events, the first bit of code run is “GameMode > EventPostLogin” which then calls “MyPlayerController > ClientPostLogin”, then calls ““MyPlayerController > EventBeginPlay”, then “GameMode > EventBeginPlay”, before then calling MainMenuMap > EventBeginPlay” as in the shooter example.

So I’m trying to work out why the shooter example starts up the menu map first (and doesn’t even create/call a GameMode or PlayerController until you press the host game menu button), whereas in my code it creates all the PlayerController and GameMode objects straight off start-up before loading the start-up main menu map?

In theory, I think my game and pie network settings are the same as the shootout example (defaultengine.ini) unless there are some more advanced settings I’m missing. My thinking at the moment is it must be something to do with the project or class default settings, but I can’t seem to find it. Has anyone got any ideas, or have they met this before?

Many thanks, Bruce