Network: How to catch manual connect to IP failure?

Hi, I have a question about Unreal networking (with Blueprints)
For example:

  1. Player create online game with “Create Session” node + "Open Level (listen option) node.
  2. Another player manually entering IP adress on input field and clicking enter button. After this is used “Execute Console Command” node with command option: “open” (the chosen IP address from input field).
  3. The second player joined the online game and everything is fine.
  4. BUT if server not exist and the player can’t connect there, how I can catch this event? I try with GameInstance: Event NetworkError and Event TravelError but they don’t fire… also if I using “Create Session” + “Join Session” and server player disconnect, then client player catch GameInstance: Event NetworkError.

I would like players to have “manually connect to IP address” feature with the opportunity to catch connection fails. Is this possible?

Some notes:

  • I try it without “Create Session”, just "Open Level (listen option) node and console command “open IP” to wrong address. Again not work, I can’t catch connection fail.
  • I try it with standalone packaged project, opens 2 times and again not work. The same like a PlayInEditor (PIE).
  • I am using network NULL subsystem with Unreal 4.18.2

So, Event NetworkError and Event TravelError working only with session nodes? (Create/Find/Join), but what about manual connect with console command “open IP”?