Network game weird loading issue

Hello all,

I have a simple network game setup. I followed these videos to setup the network - and everything is working correctly.

I’ve implemented this into my game and got it all working after a little tinkering. Except I’m having an issue where if I host the game and have the client join the game and enter the lobby level. Once I hit the start level and it loads the players into the level but non of there actions are working correctly.

Now if I host the game and start the match. Then if I have the client join game it loads into the level bypassing the lobby as it should and all the players actions are working perfectly (minus the destructible mesh showing on client but that’s another issue).

So it seems that if I have the client load into the lobby map and then launch into the actual game map none of the players actions are working correctly. But if I bypass the client loading into the lobby map everything works correctly.

Any ideas what could be causing this? Hopefully I explained this well.

I figured out my issue. When I was loading into the level from the lobby map it wasn’t changing to the correct player controller class. I turned off seamless travel in my lobby gamemode and that fixed my issue.