Network Equipment - Standard and Professional

Hey guys, working on modelling some network equipment for a couple of projects, and, seeing how nothing is on the market, curious if there would be any interest in it? The project is basically a network equipment cabinet which can be manually filled with various equipment, or randomly generated with equipment. It will also include sound as well as a semi-usable KVM (see below). The package would come in two varieties:

The “standard” version would be pretty cheap, $9.99 I’m thinking, which would include pretty much everything one would need to make a game.

The professional version though… well, it is more useful for people looking into datacenter archviz / Cisco certifications (usable KVM + IOS simulator). Depends on what Cisco would have to say about making a simulator though, and if I get an “ok” from them, I’ll probably price that at $149.99.

A few things to do, like texturing and fixing some of the models, but the Blueprint is pretty much done, with the exception of some troubleshooting & additional features, like… not having your 4U server at the top of the rack! - even though I have seen this IRL, which boggles the mind.

A quick list of things to do:

  • Texture the equipment (1U, 2U, 4U; patch panel, switch, router, ups, server)
  • Add sockets to each port
  • Use said sockets to run network cable to individual units (dreading this part,
  • Touch up the cabinets (top and bottom peices)
  • Might decrease the depth of the cabinets, about half of what they are now
  • Add enclosures to cabinets, which can be opened by player
  • Optional top fan to cabinet?
  • Overhead cabling rafters
  • Demarc box

Including an extremely rough picture of what it looks like so far. Any thoughts on the matter?