Network Engineer [Flashforward]

We are looking for a network engineer to work with unreal engine 4 in a mobile muiltiplayer game currently running on android.

Skills Required in:
*- C++/C#

  • Java
  • Node.js
  • Websockets
  • MySQL
  • Unreal Engine Servers
  • Replication
  • Automated Testing*

Our project will come out soon in a new, pioneering game genre. The project is paid. We are a team of +40 working in a Digital Studio, although availability is absolute necessary, you can work from anywhere with internet. We have an opened and passionate team culture and we’re ambitious to make this game a huge success.

If you are interesteed, please send your CV to the e-mail, and for more information please contact me in discord.

Discord: CarlosBobato#5241

Hey Carlos, we have actually grown our backend team substantially over the years and now have a dedicated Node team over here that I’d love to put to work on this pioneering game! Will shoot you an email shortly. Are your server environments all linux?