Network Database Assistance


I am starting a build from the ground up, beginning with network capabilities. I am inquiring as to best practices as well as any assistance that can be provided to assist me in getting the ball rolling.

The overall goal

  • Network Connection
  • Database Security
  • Reasonable Send/Receive Speed

I currently have the following configured/installed:

  • XAMPP Web Server (HTTP & HTTPS)
  • PHP
  • jsonQuery
  • VaREST
  • Login (Map/Blank Level)
  • MENU (Widget Blueprint)
  • Username (Textbox)
  • Password (Textbox)
  • Login (Button)
  • Database (in MySQL)
  • Table (in MySQL)
  • Username, Password, Email, Name, and Registration Date (Fields)

What I want to start out with is very simple. A login form with a Username textbox, Password textbox, and a Login Button. I want it to securely compare what was entered against the database to allow/reject login. It is my understanding that you would want nothing written about the database directly into the game/client, due to obvious security concerns. It would go something like Blueprint/Client to PHP to MySQL to PHP to Blueprint/Client. I am a complete novice, but I am enjoying this learning process and I am certainly not looking for a handout. I was able to query back using jsonQuery in a blueprint, but I can’t figure out how to send the data and verify it within the database for a return. Logging in is the first part, receiving updates for statistics (player’s points for example) will come after this hurdle and hopefully I can get rolling with what I learn.

Any assistance is appreciated and details are appreciated even more than relaying to other tutorials. I have spent some time on the forums reading into this but I could also use some guidance in what the best practices should be so I don’t waste time following someone’s opinion that others may have been able to debunk. Thanks again!!