Network Corrections while shooting.

Hi everybody, thanks for taking the time

I’m having a persistent and obnoxious bug in an FPS I’m making. Moving while firing automatic weapons is triggering network position corrections and, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what is happening. It was working in 4.23 on a previous version of the FPS engine I’m using, but now, using the same settings, I’m getting choppy replication from the client to the server while shooting.

The outbound data stream size is like 3.3kb, and my bullet objects don’t even replicate. Firing system sends a notice to the server with a vector for location to spawn, a direction vector, and a bullet type integer. That information is multicast, and the multicast includes the spawn bullet command. The bullet sets its own rotation, damage, and tracer effect. It also sends information about what it hits to the server for execution there. All of these requests are sent reliably. Moving to unreliable causes a lot of bullets to be dropped, even in LAN in a zero packet loss environment.

Was wondering if anyone else had experienced a similar issue, or could see something I’m not. Would be happy to provide any additional info.