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I’ve recently looked at Unreal for Fortnite, I exported one of my maps from Fornite Creative into the engine and did some more work on it. When I tried to test it I’m getting an error.

My immediate reaction was that perhaps something was wrong with my creative map, perhaps a rogue asset or something upsetting Fornite, so I created a stock map from the templates with nothing on it. The result was exactly the same.

I started looking around for answers and all I could really find about this issue was to validate the game files, I’ve done that and the problem persists.

I think the message is probably valid due to the time it takes I just don’t really know why.

I can use the Unreal Fornite Editor with no problems and I can play Fornite normally with no problems but actually testing what I’ve made from the engine in fortnite presents this issue.

Has anyone encountered this or able to offer some guidance?


Hi, Thank you for shareing the problem. I am suffering from the same problem now. Have you resolved it?

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This is indicative of the server crashing.

It’s likely that your level has something in it that is causing the issue, if you recently made changes you could try undoing them and remaking smaller changed to see if you can identify the specific cause.

In the case of an island you imported to UEFN definitely report an issue here:
Please provide whatever information you can.

In general however we track all server crashes automatically so there is a good chance we’re already investigating.


Even an empty Level occours this problem
So ,i think this problem has nothing to do with assets in the level
need to be fixed

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I have solved these problems. I checked here ”High Resolution Textures"“DirectX12 Sshaders”“Disable Cosmetic Streaming” and it ran smoothly. But I do not know what those are.

  1. Open “EPIC Launchar”
  2. Go to Library
  3. Click Fortnite “…” button
  4. Click “Options”

I hope this helps you all.

Thanks for sharing, I am encountering the same issue too. Will will up the creator bug report form in a bit.